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Happy sheep for better wool

We believe in creating gear that ensures health, happiness, prosperity, and longevity for the animals, land, and people involved with Wūru. That’s why we source our wool sustainably and ethically from happy New Zealand sheep that are raised on happy New Zealand farms (not factories) that are held to the highest of standards. That’s also the reason we also manufacture our clothes in the USA.
Not All Wool Is Created Equal

Not all wool is created equal

Premium New Zealand Merino wool is a far cry from the chunky, clunky, and itchy wool of yesteryear. Merino wool is a versatile fiber with loads of natural features and benefits that help keep you comfortable in any weather when comfort matters the most. A touch of nylon gives our Merino wool added durability so you — and your gear — can stand up to tougher terrain.

The foundation for better clothing

Merino wool is the perfect base layer in any reliable layering system — an essential process of adding or removing clothing as activity level and temperature changes. While a good layering system often includes a mix of technical fabrics for a variety of conditions, few other materials work harder than Merino wool against your skin.

When you’re active, keeping your body dry is key to staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And regulating your body temperature all starts at the base layer. When worn directly next to your skin, Merino wool absorbs sweat and water vapor rapidly, moving moisture away from your body to the dry side of the clothing, where it evaporates quickly. Stay dry, stay comfortable, stay longer.

Perks of Merino wool

Resists odors
Natural antimicrobial properties stop bacteria in your sweat from thriving, so you can stay (and smell) fresh longer.
Easy to care for
Because Merino wool doesn’t stink, it requires less washing. Less washing means less drain on the environment.
Sun protection
Merino wool provides natural UV protection from the sun with a UV protection factor (UPF) of 30+.
Controls moisture and temperature
Merino wool wicks away moisture from your sin, evaporates quickly and helps maintain a dry, consistent body temperature year-round.
Soft to the touch
Merino wool is made from fine, flexible fibers, resulting in a smooth and ultra-soft fabric that doesn’t itch.