Move More. Ski Longer. Be Happier.

Ski longer and get in more runs with Wūru’s Merino wool products made for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re touring in the backcountry or lapping the resort, our apparel offers natural warmth, ideal comfort, and persistent temperature-regulation.

What People Are Saying
What People Are Saying
Definitely 5 Stars.
I wore this base layer in Antarctica and I had to get another set. They’re soft, not bulky and kept me warm and comfortable. They’re worth every penny.
— Kelly G. (Customer)
What People Are Saying
After trying these 7/8 base layers, I can’t go back to traditional full length ones... Of course, they are the excellent quality that WURU promises to provide.
— Elijah S. (Customer)
What People Are Saying
Kept me very warm.
Wore this on our first cold day and I was toasty warm. I usually get cold first and for a change my husband got cold first.
— Karen H. (Customer)
What People Are Saying
It fits perfectly and it looks like a great product... I have a lot of merino base layers and I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite.
— Ralph S. (Customer)
Premium blister prevention

Blister Wool

Wool's natural properties perform wonders, providing cushioning, wicking moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, and promoting breathability. This makes Wūru® perfect for skiing, running, hiking, cycling, team sports, and other active endeavors. Wūru is delicately washed and carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. 

Benefits of Merino Wool


Harnessing wool’s natural ability to absorb moisture, Nuyarn garments dry 5x faster providing an unmatched moisture management performance.


With increased elasticity comes increased comfort in garments that move with you. Nuyarn Merino retains 100% of its original length, providing all the performance benefits of wool with zero elastane or spandex.


Nuyarn delivers a 50% increase in tensile strength compared to traditional ring spun merino. This delivers a more consistent appearance, more comfort and fewer holes in areas of impact or abrasion even after washing. 


Nuyarn’s increased volume and aeration provides 35% more thermal retention than ring or core spun merino.


Our merino creates volume by trapping the natural pockets of air within the yarn structure, providing a protective barrier that is 53% less permeable to air and increases protection against wind chills.