Blister Wool


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Premium blister prevention - Wool's natural properties perform wonders, providing cushioning, wicking moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, and promoting breathability. This makes Wūru® perfect for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, team sports, and other active endeavors. Wūru is delicately washed and carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. 

Depending on how liberally you apply, each 0.75-ounce package contains enough for 20-30 applications.


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Rachel D. (Reynoldsburg, US)
Love this product!

I walk 3-5 miles regularly, and was dealing with a burning blister on my small toe. I’d tried band-aids (plasters), silicone sleeves, extra-thick socks, etc., but usually around mile 2.5, my toe would start screaming with pain. I read about Wuru wool on a forum, and was willing to give anything a try. It’s not an exaggeration to say this product saved my walks. Just a small amount wrapped around my toe was all I needed. The wool sticks to your sock fibers so it stays in place, and the material absorbs moisture so the cushioning stays nice and fluffy. This was the only product I tried that allowed my blister to heal while I still got my steps in. Thank you Wuru!
I now have a spare bag handy for hiking/camping trips. I highly recommend this product.

Izzy C. (Birmingham, GB)
Presently surprised

I get blisteres even in well worn in boots but putting this wool in my liner sock worked a treat! No blisters on my forst hike of the year and it felt very comfortable against my skin!

Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Blister Wool. Happy hiking!

Diana (Richland, US)
So glad I found this stuff!

I’m an overpronater so have always been prone to blisters on the inside of my feet from friction while running. I’m training for another half marathon after taking a year off running due to pregnancy, and noticed blisters forming as I upped my mileage. I stumbled across the blister wool and thought it was a great idea - I already use wool running socks! I slather Bag Balm on my blister-prone areas and then put the blister wool over it and carefully put my wool socks on. The wool forms little flat clumps when I’m done that easily peel off my socks. It works great for preventing new blisters! I’ll be telling my active friends and family about this stuff!

Ruth L. (Seattle, US)
so far so good

bought Wuru because I had been getting blisters on my heels from boots I have had for over a year. Only used it once but so far so good :)


The only thing so far that makes my feet happy and blister free.