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    All-Natural Blister Prevention

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How does it work?

Wool baselayers and apparel have taken the outdoor industry by storm in recent years, and for good reason. Wool has many natural properties that make it an ideal material for an athletic lifestyle. It’s no wonder that these properties make it perfect for foot care as well. Lanolin-rich wool is breathable and wicks moisture, provides subtle cushioning and comfort, and is smooth and soft for reduced friction. Wūru maintains the benefits of wool even if it gets wet.

How to Use

Who is it for?

New Zealanders have been using wool as a foot care product for years for everything from trail running to trekking—basically any activity that has you on your feet and moving for long periods of time. Wūru is ideal for hikers, runners, skiers, cyclists, hunters, team sports athletes, and just about anyone else who participates in active endeavors.

What is Wūru?

Wūru is delicately washed and carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. We chose our name because Wūru (pronounced Woo Roo) means 'wool' in Maori, indigenous language and people of New Zealand.

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