The Bonneville Shoreline trail (or BST for short) stretches 150 miles from the Idaho-Utah border to its southern terminus in Nephi, Utah. It delicately traces a prehistoric body of water the size of Lake Michigan, creating the massive basin where the population centers of the Wasatch Front stretch. The trail itself rolls and rises alongside a snake of billboards and suburbia, interspersed with barren rangeland. When it is fully completed, it will serve 80% of Utah’s population across 350 miles. To call this an urban trail system would be an understatement.

Despite where the trail lays, deeper into the mountains, up from the foothills are pathways barely walked. It is not rare to walk away from the BST and find yourself completely alone. There’s ways to connect to climbing areas, trout-filled rivers, and flowy singletrack. Figures and focused studies may lead you to believe that the great outdoors are crowded. We know that one of the great western centers still holds secrets for those willing to walk a little more. The BST is merely a starting point.

Wide angle shot of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

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