Adventure allows you to melt into a place. Some days running is hard, but not this morning. 4 people smile ear to ear traversing the low ridges of the Wasatch foothills. The bright mixture of coral, green, and blue shine against the brown backdrop of early spring. The first rays of light peak over and illuminate the western edges of the city. The runner’s insides are similarly warmed by the view they couldn’t have known without a 6 AM wake up call and an under 10 minute drive to the foothills of a world-class mountain range. This is Salt Lake City.

Wūru was born on the Milford Track in New Zealand, and continues to find expression in new ways. This morning's run is on a specific route that indicates a prehistoric lake: the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, or BST for short. This is one of many world class pathways throughout the Wasatch Front. These easy to reach trails vary in use from running to mountain biking, climbing, backcountry skiing, fly fishing, and whatever else the human imagination can devise. Wūru began as an answer to a call for adventure, and it’s hard to imagine a better place to find it.

There are a range of ways that people go about adventure. Load up on all the latest equipment and take a big trip in a rented van. Grab a water bottle, snacks and start walking. However people get out there, Wūru makes it easy to do and not have to worry about apparel failing you. Their merino wool has odor blocking properties for multi-day trips and sweat-wicking abilities for hard runs or rides. The beauty of living in the mountains is there’s all kinds of experiences and Wūru has just scratched the surface of how people can use our apparel.

Salt Lake City is a great adventure hub, something that impresses more and more the longer you stay here. Every point in the West is a drive away. Wūru Wool is made to respond from their high desert backyard to the Pacific Northwest and everywhere in between.

Wuru wool packet on running shoes