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Blister Prevention for Runners

Don't take another stride without Wūru Wool

"The wool stayed functional providing cushion and comfort through a 22 mile training run" - Cole N.


Organic & Biodegradable

If we are putting something against our skin, we want it to be the highest quality possible. This is why we are working with some of the best suppliers of wool in New Zealand to make a product that is good for your feed and good for the environment. 

Lightweight & Packable

When you're going on a long trail run, what you carry in your pack matters. Weight is critical, as in packability. Luckily, Wūru Wool checks off both of these boxes. Take a small portion of Wūru, put it in a zip lock bag, and you are good to go for any mid-run hotspots that might creep up on you.

Stops Blisters & Hot Spots

What kind of blister prevention product would we be if we didn't do this? Wool naturally absorbs moisture keeping your feet dry and promoting breathability. Coupled with added cushion, Wūru reduces soreness from blisters and prevents hot spots turning into anything worse.