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WURU Sports Wool

Wool's natural properties perform wonders, providing cushioning, absorbing moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, and promoting breathability. This makes Wūru perfect for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, team sports, and other active endeavors. Wūru is delicately washed and carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. 

Depending on how liberally you apply, each 0.75-ounce package contains enough for 20-30 applications.


Customer Reviews

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cool product

I have had problems with blisters while hiking. After applying the wool to the area, the problem and stopped completely. I highly recommend this product.

Relief for hammer toe on long trek

I left for a month-long trek in Nepal with open sores on the knuckles of 5 toes due to recently-developed hammer toes, not sure if I would be able to complete the trek. But my Aussie trek mates had their version of Wuru, called Hiker's Wool, and it was a miracle cure. Just stuffed it into my socks and no pain! No fussing with foam donuts and tape, it quickly molded to the high and low pressure points of my feet. Complete and total relief for the entire trek!

Secret weapon!

Currently utilizing this stuff during all of my ultras! 30+ hard miles and wuru wool still provides comfort and a smooth ride.

Happy Toes

I’ve been using Wuru for long walks and hikes of 10-20 miles with no blisters to report. My toes are Marathon ready.


We have used this wool when tracking in New Zealand and it worked just fine. So buying it for tracking in Nepal

How to Use

Preventing blisters and hotspots is as simple as applying Wūru Wool to affected areas on your feet. Learn how to use Wūru Wool.

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