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Meet Your Everyday Layer

Made Right Here In The USA

What if there was a merino wool zip-up sweater/jacket that could function just as well around town or at the office as it could on a technical mountain adventure?

We are Wūru Wool Company, a family-owned and operated outdoor company, Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We design and manufacture premium wool outdoor products and manufacture them right here in The United States.

Since our launch, we have proven you can offer industry-leading outdoor performance while making apparel that can aesthetically live beyond the trail, all while manufacturing it in a way you can be proud of.

Made in the USA merino mid-layers

Made in the USA

Our factories are held to the most strict standards - From our Blue Sign fabric mill to our partner manufacturer held to the high standards of manufacturing set forward by not only the United States, but even more so, California.

Built with sustainability in mind

We looked at all of the steps of our supply chain and worked to make them as sustainable as we could. From using Blue Sign fabrics, manufacturing in California, recycling scrap fibers, to shipping with 100% recyclable packaging. We strive to be as green as we can.

Built to withstand anything you throw at it

Merino wool is one of the strongest natural fibers, 6 times stronger than cotton. Our Nuyarn technology goes even further by increasing strength by 16% compared to traditionally spun merino wool. 

We design our apparel to be tough, technical, yet have the right amount of style creating your go to layer.   

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