Blister Wool


Premium blister prevention - Wool's natural properties perform wonders, providing cushioning, wicking moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, and promoting breathability. This makes Wūru® perfect for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, team sports, and other active endeavors. Wūru is delicately washed and carded, lanolin-rich, 100% premium New Zealand wool. 

Depending on how liberally you apply, each 0.75-ounce package contains enough for 20-30 applications.


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Marillyn S. (Orlando, US)
Finally I can walk in comfort

I have a drawer full of products that did not relieve the pain in my toes. .It has been a a problem for years Their wuruwool finally works because it does not put pressure on the sores . Please try this wool and get some pain relief

Caiti S. (Akron, US)
Amazing! Really works

I already had some nasty blisters on my toes from hiking so when I got this I wrapped it around those toes before putting my socks on and I was able to walk around pain free! I’m pumped to actually hike using them now

Julie W. (Saint Paul, US)
SO Good!

I have corns between the 2 big toes on my right foot that are incredibly painful during the long winters where I live. W/sandals they’re not too bad… anyway, I was using a silicone spacer, which worked ok, but then I found Wuru Wool. It is SO much better! Now I can go for long winter walks w/o pain. Thanks a million for this wonderful product!

DONNA H. (Mililani Town, US)
Bring on a hike!

Have yet to hike with this but the wool is magic to the touch and will be to my feet!
Based on my hot spot and blister history, I know this will do the trick.
Shipping and receipt were super quick, especially when you consider that I ordered during the height of the holiday season. Thank you, Wuru!

Craig (Belleville, US)
It Works!

I use it to help my feet not blister when I skateboard. It also adds a little more protection and it feels like it makes my feet cooler. Just try it.